Giant Ogre – Unsupported + Pre Supported + LYS STL Downloadable


Giant Ogre – Unsupported + Pre Supported + LYS

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Giant Ogre – Unsupported + Pre Supported + LYS 3D Print STL Model Downloadable 3D Model for 3D Printing – STL Figure (Digital File)
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Bring an intimidating foe to your DnD tabletop with this towering 3D printable Giant Ogre model! Standing over 100mm tall, this highly detailed mini captures the brutish strength of an ogre in stunning quality. Its textured skin, bulging muscles, spiked armor, and massive club are perfectly sculpted in intricate detail. The presupported version makes printing easy on any FDM machine with no failed supports to cleanup. The unsupported and Lychee slicer versions give full flexibility for those wanting to optimize print settings and orientation. Whether as a DnD monster for your players to battle or an impressive model just for display, this Giant Ogre 3D print commands attention! Add a fun customizable paint job and this ogre miniature will become the fearsome centerpiece on your gaming table it was meant to be.


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