What is Instant Download?

As soon as you make your payment for the product, we give you a special download link on the page that opens. With this link, you can quickly download the product you purchased.

How can I download my products?

If you want, you can create a membership and log in from any computer and download your products whenever you want. If you want, you can download your products from a single computer without creating a membership.

I bought it without being a member, how can I download my product?

If you e-mail us your information proving your purchase, we can send you the product link. It is important that your information matches.


Can I pay with a Credit/Debit card?

You can pay with your credit and debit card for secure shopping. After your payment, you can download your product immediately.


Can I sell the product which i printed?

Yes, you can sell the printed products but you can not sell, share the digital files.

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